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German laws related to arms and militaria



On the German page „Gesetze“ you will find the most important pararaphs of the German laws who are related to arms and militaria.

They are linked directly to the homepages of the responsible German ministries where these laws are to find on.

On these English page I did no translations of these laws or paragraphs because of the possible judical consequences of a wrong translation. But I would like to give you a short overview about, what is allowed and what is forbidden in Germany depending on arms and some political directions.






It is not allowed to give, to trade or sell any kind of arms or ammunition to persons younger than 18 years.

  2. Arms / Firearms  


 Strictly forbidden in Germany are:

·        All kinds of military weaponry, e.g. automatic or semi-automatic firearms like assault-rifles, MP´s, Machineguns, bombs, grenades and special sorts of ammunition. This includes deco-kits of the arms above or parts of them.

·        Hidden arms, covered in subjects of the daily use, e.g. rifles or daggers in walking-sticks, shooting pencils and so on.

·         Knives with movable blades (E.g. the knive of the German Wehrmacht paratroopers)




A license is necessary for:

·         all kinds of breech-loading firearms

·         muzzle-loaders with more than one barrel or the ability to fire more than one shot without reloading (e.g. revolvers, pepperbox-pistols double-barrel firearms)

·         for ammunition and gun-powder.



A license is not necessary for:

·         all kinds of muzzle-loaders except the arms above

·         needle-fire rifle-models before 1870

  3. Prohibited political material  

Prohibited in Germany is:

To show, to distribute, to trade or to sell all kinds of material with visible signs from political organisations of the 3rd Reich. This includes all kinds of edged weapons, uniforms, medals, headgear, insignia or other equipment with signs or mottos of these organisations, also books, documents and other paperwork or media with this signs or political background.




Exceptions to all described rules above could be given in the related laws.



The owner of this homepage can not give any guarantee that the overview about the laws above is complete. Changes in law are possible. For exactly judical information or in doubt I would recommend to study the official editions of the laws or to ask specialists.



In sale or trade of my material I have to follow these laws strictly.


·         I do not trade or sell to persons younger than 18 years.

·        I do not offer, trade or sell any firearms or ammunition where a license is needed.

·         I do not offer, trade or sell forbidden arms.

·        Items of the 3rd Reich I offer, sell or trade only under the given exceptions of the German law.




In case of trade or sale in foreign countries, the customer is responsible to respect and follow the laws of his home-coutry or the the country he lives in.



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