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Bayonets, Scabbards


Bayonet - Acessories

Bayonets    other
Edged Weapons
Bayonet-scabbards   Hangers, Pioneer-/Engineer-swords
Bayonet-blades   Swords
other bayonet-parts   Daggers
    Knives, Fighting- and Survival-knives, Trench-knives
Bayonet-knots   Miscellaneous edged weapons
Bayonet-Frogs (Belt-Frogs)    
Militaria, in general

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The lists marked with a star *
are not updated.

this lists are currently under construction.

So Please ask for
available items 

Military equipment   Books

Bayonet - Books

Pictures, Fotos, Postcards    
Photo-albums, Cigaret-collecting-
  Militaria - Books
Fotos 19th century up to WW I   Militaria - Magazines
Fotos Wehrmacht   War - Literacy
Insignia   Firearms Rifles
Field-post   Guns
Steelhelmets, other Headgear and
  other firearms
Belts and Belt-buckles   Training-Rifles
Memorabilia and War- Souvenirs   Deco-Rifles
Patriotic Items    
Military Literacy, Books    
Collector-ammunition and
  Ammunition-Parts            ( delaborated )
Optics, Binoculars    
Porcellain   weekly offers
Reservists-items   (on this page you will find
permanently changing offers of miscellaneous militaria
* Military Toys    
Uniforms and Uniform-parts    
Fire-arms, -parts and acessories
   (free for sale by German law)
* Tin-soldiers    
* Miscellanious    
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