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Terms of Trade


Dear collector and customer,

you will find items from my own collection in the lists mostly, I have twice or more of them.

Condition of goods:

The conditions-description of the goods is given only in German, in additional I give notes for the grade of condition. The grades are from the best grade 1 = mint condition down to 6 = worst condition and grades between. E.g. 2 – 3 or 3-, 3+ and so on.  If you are in doubt about the conditions or you have other questions, then please contact me. I will try to give you more information in English.


The prices do not include the shipping costs and other extra costs. Postage and other costs like e.g. bank charge, have to be paid extra.


Parcel national: up to 5 kg = 7.00 €, heavier parcels depends on the weight, will cost more. Extra large parcels cost extra.

Parcel international: up to 5 kg = 17.00 € minimum, heavier, larger parcels cost more.


Goods are shipped, only if prepaid or C.O.D. (C.O.D. parcels only national)

All goods are shipped as parcels. The postage of the parcels includes a shipping insurance up to a value of about 500 €.

All costs of shipping have to be paid by the customer.

Return of goods:

If nothing is changed or manipulated by the customer (It means e.g.  cleaned by grinding or polishing, any attempt to restore, add or take away parts, and so on), goods can be sent back.

The buyer has to pay the shipping-costs of the return.

If goods are sent back, the customer has to take care, that everything is packed well, so that none of the goods will break during the shipping.

After the return of the goods, the price of the goods will be refunded promptly.


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