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To order something, or contact me, please fill in the gap


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Order/ contact / questions:

Please note !
This mail-service is linked with a Web-Server.       

So you don´t get any status-reply for the message you just have sent automatically !
If you want to contact me directly, please use my email-adress below.


Dear customer,

please send emails to me only with unmistakable headlines ! (E.g. : " Request for bayonet B4711" or "Order for bayonet B4711"

(Please no headline like "Homepage" It´s a often used headline in spam ! )

To protect my computer against virus-attacks, I will delete all mails without - or with an unclear headline unread !


answer via e-mail
I need more information


my e-mail adress:
telephone number  ++49 (0) 8861 - 713 7894
faxnumber  ++49 (0) 8861 - 713 7894

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